Scott Fraser
Founder and CEO

Scott Fraser is the founder and CEO of The Investn Group. Scott is a well-respected, honest leader and innovator in the financial services and real estate industries for the last two decades.


Scott Fraser has a Diploma in Financial Service, Certificate IV in business from the University of Technology in Sydney and a Certificate IV in real estate.

In his role as founder and Chief Executive Officer of The Investn Group, Scott Fraser manages a skilled team of professionals and focuses on strategic opportunities to be Australia’s leading choice helping first time buyers break into the Australian property market.

Scott Fraser has been a Justice of the Peace since he was 20 years old and has held roles as both director and manager. In the last 20 years, he has founded several businesses, including Crowd Key Asset Management Pty Ltd, Home Loan Choice Pty Ltd, Money 4 Life Pty Ltd and Park Street Capital Pty Ltd. As a serial entrepreneur, Scott has also successfully sold multiple businesses.

With the knowledge and experience, he has gained over the last two decades, Scott Fraser and his team now mentor and educate first time property buyers on how to start a property portfolio with with less money capital.

Scott is currently working on a book based on his industry experience Australian Asset — Property Investment Tools. His book offers insight into his method of investing in property.

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