November 7, 2021

Your Investment Property Magazine Profiles Investn

Your Investment Property Magazine Profiles Investn

Investn has once again been recognised by a major property industry publication. Your Investment Property magazine is widely considered one of the best sources of information for property investors. And their profile of the Investn highlights the value of our approach.


Given the record property prices we’re seeing throughout the country, breaking into the market via traditional methods has never been more difficult. Between the deposit and other purchasing costs, even a relatively modest property will require well over $90,000 to secure. This is a major barrier to entry and can seriously slow down an investor’s progress.


Butusing Investn’s co-investment approach, you can start building your portfoliowith as little as $15,000. This means a lot less time scrimping and saving foryour first property. It also means moving on to your second – and third! –property much quicker, as significantly less equity is required.


As the Your Investment Property magazine article notes, Investn offers a much higher return on your capital invested. In fact, some buyers have seen a netrental income of around 30% of their initial $15,000 - $20,000 investment. This is in addition to any capital growth the property experiences.


And, as Investn retains a small share in each property it helps secure, it has avested interest in maximising returns. This makes the offering truly unique within the Australian market and helps ensure investors are being offered the best opportunities.


If you’d like more information or are ready to start your property investment journey, contact us on 1300 446 445.

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