October 20, 2021

Investn Featured in Australian Property Investor Magazine

Investn Featured in Australian Property Investor Magazine

Investn’s has been profiled in leading industry publication, Australian Property Investor Magazine. The feature article, which can be viewed here, focuses on how our co-investment approach is improving access to the property market.


At a time where prices are at an all time high, breaking into the market can seem almost impossible. Traditional investment methods require a 20% deposit which, based on Sydney’s median price of $1m+, would run upwards of $200,000. For most people, this would take decades of scrimping and sacrificing to save.


However, Investn was set up with the specific intent of helping first-time buyers get into the market. As we provide the 10% deposit, investors only need to cover upfront costs, like stamp duty and conveyancing. This could mean putting up as littleas $15,000 to secure your first investment property.


As the Australian Property Investor Magazine article notes, Investn also has clear criteria for confirming a property is “investment grade”. We work with our investors throughout the process, providing them with opportunities that offer real growth potential. An independent real estate agent manages the property and disperses their rental income.


If you’ve been wanting to break into the property market, but need help getting started,

give Investn a call on 1300 446 445.

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