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How it  works!

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From start to finish!

Planning your strategy together

We sit down with you, listening carefully to your goals and needs. Everyone is different so your plan will be tailor-made for you. We will then pair you with your personal investment advisor who will be your direct contact every step of the way.

Arranging the money

Our knowledgeable team of lending partners will organize and help you get the finance you need so you can move quickly, to take advantage of the best property opportunities

Research and analysis

When considering properties, our analyses take into account long-term growth potential as well as cashflow. This means we will find the most lucrative opportunities for you

Property choices

Our research at The lnvestn Group leads us to the most profitable deals that suit our parameters and yours. We thoroughly investigate each opportunity to make sure they are all verifiable. Fact-finding and preparation is carried out by us and includes contract reviews, strata reports, buildingreports, valuations and due diligence.

Negotiating the deal

As we negotiate deals every day, we know all the pitfalls those who are not as experienced might not see. We deal directly with the vendors, real estate agents, developers and builders to get the very best outcome for you.

The paperwork

All conveyance and legal paperwork will be handled by our conveyancing partner saving you both time and money.

Taking ownership

We want you to start making money from the day you take ownership of your new property, so you will have access to all The lnvestn Group resources which include finding a property manager, advertising your property for rent, helping with insurance, maintenance and more.

Repeating the process

When you are ready to purchase another property we will be with you every step of the way, evaluating, researching and building your property portfolio. It's an exciting journey!

Buying Stages

Lending Assesstment
1 - 2 DAYS
Pre-Approval Mortgage
1 - 2 WEEKS
Property Research Analysis
1 - 2 WEEKS
Formal Loan Approval
1 - 2 WEEKS
1 - 2 DAYS
Property Review
1 - 2 WEEKS
Land Settlement
1 - 2 WEEKS
1 - 2 WEEKS
Home Ready For Occupation
1 - 2 WEEKS

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