Frequently Asked Questions

Who makes up The Investn Group team?

The team is made up of experienced property investors, real estate agents, buyers agents, negotiators and property experts who receive invitations and search for off-market opportunities that are generally not available to retail investors.

Is the phone strategy session really free?

Yes, we believe in our service offering so much that we offer this first session free to all new clients, with no obligation.

Are there fees for your services?

Once you feel comfortable to come on board as a client, we require a small deposit before our property team starts work sourcing a property for you.

Interest rates?

We have several Priority funders/ lenders that share our vision and have created a mortgage product just for us, all of which have varying interest rates.

What is the process?

After your initial deposit, Investn will develop a bespoke property investment plan for you, planned in line with your future retirement plans, financial objectives and risk profile. We will help you find the right investment properties and create a portfolio that will give you tax-effective multiple income streams.

Where are the properties that you source?

Our in house buyers agents source property in growth corridor locations across Australia.

Will my current lifestyle be impacted?

Everyones situation and goals are different, but its highly unlikley your current lifestyle will be effected once you invest.

Is creating a passive income from property possible?

Yes, most buyers end up with passive income from the positive rental income and tax benefits.

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