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Case Study

Investn Case Study Dot
Investn Case Study

Kim saved $60K and was going to buy 1 home, we helped her secure 4.

Kim was all set to buy her first investment property and had saved $60,000 over three years with the intention to use $45,000 as the 10% deposit and $15,000 to cover stamp duty etc. Until she discovered Investn, which changed Kim's view on investment.

With Investn's help, Kim used her $60,000 to purchase four investment properties, starting a new portfolio worth over 1.8 million dollars.

With Kims original plan of only buying one property due to her limited deposit, in ten years she would have originally made a tidy $450,000 in capital gains, with her new plan Kim will be ahead with a gorgeous 1.8 million in net capital gains before tax.

In the 1st year, Kim will have over $40,000 in net income from the rent left over after all costs and generous tax benefits with depreciation been a new property.

Finding the right properties

Investn helped Kim secure properties in a great location with even better market value based on recent purchase trends in the area. With the help of our team, we helped secure four properties, all in growth suburbs.

Investn Case Study


Working with our qualified and experienced team allowed Kim to benefit from the following results.


year as a property investor


properties in his portfolio


net income from rentat the end of the first 12 months


Portfolio value

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