From graduation to property investor in 7 months

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Investn Case Study

Peter finished his science degree in 2020 and with a full-time job he has become a property investor in just 7 months.

Peter has been keen to break into and invest in the property market, with relief that he now does not need to have $60k (10% deposit) in savings before he can start to invest.

Peter knows on his single income it would be really hard (impossible to get a mortgage) to buy and live in a property just on his income. It makes sense to buy investment property rent it out and to continue to rent himself with 3 mates where he shares the rent costs and lives in a location he really likes.

The house and land package that Peter purchased now gives him $156 a week in positive cash flow after paying for the mortgage and all property costs. Plus with a tax refund of $4,620 Peters personal rent cost of $13,000 pa is now almost paid by his investment property income $12,732, which is amazingly almost the $15,000 Peter contributed.

Finding the right location

Investn helped Peter find the right location for his investment with good rental returns. The house and land package we found for his was in a great location with a history of good tenants and rental returns.

Case Study


Working with our qualified and experienced team allowed Peter to benefit from the following results.


months to become a property investor


Tax refund in the year


tax refund in the year


annual property income
(share of co-investment)

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