"New way to invest in property with just $15,000"

New way to start investing in Australian property takes Australia by storm.
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We show Everyday Aussies how to start investing in the Australian property market with just $15,000 in savings

Our process is all about empathy,
education and earnings.

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Investn Group prides itself on creating realistic investment solutions for hard working Aussies with just $15K in savings. If you have a full-time job with a min. salary of $65K annually and a good credit history then all you need to do is get your documentation together such as ID, employment history and payslips (last 6 months) then apply online.

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Simply apply via our website and the Investn team will kick into gear. After reviewing your submission documentation our team will contact you for a brief interview to get a better understanding of you and your financial goals. Then a limited number of applications each month will be approved by our board as a co-investment partner.

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Our team at Investn will then go on the hunt, we immediately start locating the best property with high rental income and great locations. Once a property has been reviewed and approved by both you and Investn Group, we will secure the remaining funding from our funding partners (our unique deposit strategy can be explained to you by the team).

The Investn Group will manage the property and all related matters, leaving you to focus on the important things in life. Our members are notified of incoming monthly rental income. See immediate returns from smart and strategic investments with a 34% + return on your $15,000 of capital.

Customer reviews are always valuable.

We met with Scott and were highly impressed with how Investn could help us start investing in property.  Scott and his team assisted us throughout the entire buying journey.  Will definitely recommend to friends and family.

Mr. Berry
Investn Group Member since 2020
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So Professional and very helpful, made us feel really comfortable with the whole procedure.

Frank Flowers
Investn Group Member since 2020
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Would highly recommend the team at Investn to anyone looking to expand or take the first step in building their property portfolio!

Paul Page
Investn Group Member since 2020
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At The Investn Group, we pride ourselves on providing leading industry advice and education.

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